Saturday, May 30, 2009

American Wind Power Association

AWEA - American Wind Energy Association

The American Wind Energy Association is a fabulous website about Wind Energy. Like their Danish counterparts, the AWEA website has a wealth of information. So much information, it can take days to read!

Check out the FAQ:

and Wind Energy Basics

"U.S. winds could generate more electricity in 15 years than all of Saudi Arabia's oil, without being depleted." Cool!

and Wind Potential

"North Dakota alone is theoretically capable (if there were enough transmission capacity) of producing enough wind-generated power to meet more than fourth of U.S. electricity demand."

and Wind Power myths versus facts:

One myth is that wind turbines kill a lot of birds. Yet studies show that for every bird killed by a wind turbine, 700 are killed by cars, 1000 birds are killed by cats, and 5500 are killed by stationary buildings and windows!

A few decades ago, I understand the Wind industry was composed of a just a small number of companies and inventors. Looking at the AWEA website, it is amazing how sophisticated and professional that the Wind industry has become!

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