Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Documentary: FUEL

The documentary, FUEL, is a must see!

I met the director, Josh Tickell, and his wife, Rebecca Harrell, at one of the openings in Santa Monica. They are very smart, and very enthusiastic about their subject.

And Josh knows what he is talking about. He was a very early adopter of using waste vegetable oil to drive diesel engines, and drove around the country in his veggie van.

The film looks at the problems of using imported oil. And a lot of things you probably haven't heard about. As much as I am interested in, and read about alternative energy, I was surprised by a number of the points the film brought up.

One being huge health problems that oil causes. His own mother, living in the New Orleans area, exposed to the many oil refineries there, had multiple miscarriages! Hurricane Katrina caused an oil spill bigger than the Exxon Valdex. That Rudolf Diesel originally invented the diesel engine to run on vegetable oils, and mysteriously and suddenly disappeared. That the prohibition of alcohol in the twenties is arguably linked to repressing the use of alcohol as a fuel for transportation.

But unlike a lot of documentaries, it offers solutions to the issues. He looks at multiple realistic ways to eliminate the use of imported oil. Wind, solar, conservation, algae to create biodiesel, buildings that produce food and energy.

This film not disappoint you.
See the trailer here:

And see the whole show in the theater

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