Saturday, May 30, 2009

The SOLD Project

The SOLD Project

Recently, I have had the honor of meeting Rachel Sparks, and seeing the great documentary she has produced: The SOLD Project.

It is about young girls (and boys) in Thailand who are tricked into, abducted into, or sold into, prostitution. It is a very moving documentary.

When I saw it, I remembered what Benizir Bhutto said when I saw her speak once. She wanted to build a society where every child was "fed, clothed, sheltered, protected, nutured, educated, and loved". In other words, child prostitution is the antithesis of such an ideal.

See the trailer here:

more videos here:

the website here:

and the blog here:

The organization is now creating non-profit groups to help prevent village girls going into prostitution. One method is education in the villages. Another is the creation of scholarships to pay for the schooling of young girls who are at risk of becoming prostitutes.

See how little it takes, and consider donating, here:

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