Saturday, May 30, 2009

Who Killed The Electric Car?

Who Killed The Electric Car?

Little known to me, and the rest of the general public,
General Motors, Ford, Toyota, and Honda sold electric vehicles in the mid 1990s.

They performed fabulously. GM's EV1, designed as
a family car, actually accelerated faster than a Corvette!

Most anyone who leased one, wanted to own it. Yet still, GM and most
other companies refused to allow their customers to buy the cars, then repossessed, and crushed most all of them. The exception was Toyota, which sold a few hundred of their RAV4s.

Who Killed The Electric Car? is a fabulous documentary
about the story, which I highly recommend to everyone.

There are number of myths circulating about the subject, which the documentary disproves. One being, the range of the batteries was not far enough. To see why, check out the official website.

or purchase the documentary from Plug In America

Or watch the documentaries on Youtube.

Who Killed the Electric Car Part 1 of 10

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